Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Dress for all sizes!

Salam to all...

We brought you the long dress in black with purple and lavender paisley patterns..and now we are adding another colour to the collection..Brown!

Like the black and purple, the brown is infused with colours of maroons,white and hints of green..super comfy and no ironing! Match the look with our scarf too..! :)

Match it with our lovely fresh water pearl bracelet! For more selections, log on to:

Grab the Look!

Brown Dress with paisley purple motifs : RM109/pc
(Free Size-can fit 'M - XL')

Magenta / Lilac selendang : RM20/pc

Pearl Bracelet : TBA
(Please email for pricing)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Long Dress for all sizes!

Salaam to all,

We apologize for not being active for the pass year..It has been a hard time juggling between home and work..I respect all mothers and wives who make everyday a blessing..Syukur alhamdullilah, we are slowly coming back with new and amazing stuff to share..

The changing of fashion and trends makes it hard to find things which i can share with you. I found this fabulous dress recently and i think its really worth it..

Its from a lyrca mix material which makes it easy for anyone to wear.If you are a size 'M' or 'XL' this certainly can fit all..Its quite long so if you are below 5 feet you may need to alter the bottom. Pair this lovely dress with long pants and belt and you are ready to go!

Match this dress with our long selendang in purple/lavender..comes in several colours..if you're interested in the selendang drop us an email for the remaining colours available.Accessorize the look with our matching pearl bracelet.The bracelet is made from 'fresh water pearls' and its really gorgeous..

Get the look at the amazing price below! 

                           Black Dress with paisley purple motifs : RM109/pc
                                            (Free Size-can fit 'M - XL')

                                      Purple / lavender selendang : RM20/pc

Pearl bracelet: TBA 
(Please email for pricing)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Felt Flower Clips!

It has totally been a while..Motherhood,planning a wedding, horses and work has taken Atheaa on a short break..

There are so many hijab trends now that its so hard to keep up..Being a craft junkie, I wanted to create something for Atheaa which u can't really find anywhere in KL just yet. Besides scarves, i totally love accessories..and i thought of making brooches.

I was inspired to create something from felt. Felt being so easy to make and use, I started to make petals and layered it until it looked like a small flower. And adjusted it to a clip and VOILA!

These clips are really cute and looks great over your hijab or as a head pieces for toddler girls!

These are handmade and are limited..Will try to make new pieces and designs soon!

All clips are RM6 each

Friday, March 25, 2011

Syria Mini Awning

Dear Ladies,

Here are some new Syria Hijabs for you! This style comes with a mini awning/stiffner at the front tip of the inner tube so it gives a shape to your hijab.We recommend this for those who prefers a little shape to their hijab so it does not fall flat to the forehead. Can be use on it own or with a shawl. Comes in a 2-piece set and 100% cotton.

All Syria Mini Awning Plain comes in FREE SIZE
* color in picture may vary due to lighting

1. Aquamarine ( 1pc available)
2. Turqoise ( 1pc available)
3. Prussian blu ( 1pc available)
4. Royal blue ( 1pc available)
5. White ( 2 pc available)
6. Black ( 3 pc available)
7. Deep purple ( as shown on Stylista Huda - 1pc available)
8. Baby Pink ( 1pc available)
9. Lilac ( 1pc available)
10. Beige ( 1pc available)
11. Dark Grey (1pc available)
12. Olive Green ( 1pc available)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

*NEW* Duo Tone Arabian Style

New This Week!

Duo Tone Arabian Style! Now, this is the latest trend among young beautiful muslim girls in Malaysia!! Comes in a variety of colors, made with a blend of silk and polyester is definitely a hot selling item!! This style has a duo tone fabric to it which makes it really elegant when worn.Totally a must have! :)

Duo Tone Arabian Style
is now yours for only:

Email us today!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Just in ladies!!
Grab on to these new bright and colorful hijabs!! Comes in a variety of colours, these items are limited..Fabric is a mix of silk and cotton, lovely to be worn with plain white tops or matching plain colors..We absolutely love its simple and shimmering look.

( 1pc available)

( 1pc available )

( 2 pc available )

( 1pc available)

( 1pc available )

( 1pc available )

Yours for only:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Support Hijab House!

Salaam to all beautiful Muslimahs Around the world!

I was going through the web and found this! Just Stunning! Now, in Sydney you can go to Hijab House to find your latest trends of hijabs and abayas..So a big shout out to all in down under!! Just love the photoshoots and styling ideas for us muslimah..I think we should start pretty stuff like this in Malaysia too..Although there are a lot of muslimah shops around here but rarely great looks and styles like this..Gorgeous!Keep up the good work!

So do check them out!